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The Repossible Summits -- The 17th of the Month Monthly online events you will miss if you don't attend.

The "Worst & First" Summit

Some of the biggest hurdles we face in accomplishing our goals or reaching our dreams are our own limiting beliefs. You know, nasty stuff like: 

Impostor syndrome or "why me?" Maybe it's procrastination or perfectionism? A bit of comparisonitis or just plain old-fashioned "I'm just not good enough." 

Whatever your cocktail of limiting beliefs, we have the hangover remedy for you--because we're had them all, too! In fact, I'd bet most of us have had most of them at some point! 

Which of these limiting beliefs do you most associate with? 

Patricia "Perfectionist" Parfait, Pete "Procrastination" Pardonheim, Melanie "Moonbeam" Millerton, Reginald "When I Retire" Rogers, Lawrence "Literary" Lichtenstein III, or Impala "Imposter Syndrome" Idleheart?

We at Repossible interviewed each of them and uncovered their fears--and how they conquered them.

Patricia "Perfectionist" Parfait

Pete "Procrastination" Pardonheim

Melanie "Moonbeam" Millerton

Reginald "When I Retire" Rogers

Impala "Imposter Syndrome" Idleheart

Lawrence "Literary" Lichtenstein III

If you're looking for the "Every Single Day" summit, you can catch up with the replays accessible here ($17).

On February 17, 2021, we're gathering up experts, storytellers, survivors and thrivers who have hurdled over their limiting beliefs and lived to tell about it. 

Summit Highlights

Alison Smith: It's Never Going to Tick all of the Perfectionism Boxes

We're never going to make it perfect. No, really. 

Sign up for Alison's talk here.

Summit Highlights

“When you let go of that outcome, that is when you are truly playing.”

Louise Wo asks what’s blocking us from getting it started? What if we changed our mindset to not executing our task based on the outcome.

Book Louise's talk here.

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"Which teeth do you want to keep?"

Asked the dentist. 

"Well, all of them, of course." 

"Which days do you want to live your best life?" 

"Well, all of them, of course." 

Is it not the same thing? 

Welcome to the Every Single Day Summit.

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Where it all began...

Bradley Charbonneau started writing on November 1, 2012 with the simple goal of "Writing Every Day." 

Not "be a best-selling author" or "launch best-sellers" or even something audacious like "publish 28 books by 2021." 

Yet, through simple, daily action, it's exactly what happened. 

Daily, tiny action. 

It's just so simple. 

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The Repossible Series

Currently, at 14 books, The Repossible Series leads us through a pathway towards your next self. 

Remember that life you thought was possible? Maybe back when you were young, naive, and playful? 

Are you going to let it go? 

At Repossible, that future self is attainable. You just have to ask yourself, "Who will you be next?" 

Here are the books--and coinciding summits--in The Repossible Series

1.) Repossible: Who will you be next?
2.) Every Single Day: a clear roadmap towards lasting transformation in you
3.) Ask: if life is a multiple choice quiz, this is the answer
4.) Dare: challenge yourself to truly answer the questions and rocket forward
5.) Create: you’re ready to get real about achieving your dream, here’s what to do
6.) Decide: there’s a fork in the road, you’ll now know what do to
7.) Meditate: this is the source of our creativity, power, and direction
8.) Spark: there’s only one thing better than creating: helping someone else create
9.) Surrender: you’ve done your part, it’s time to be invited to the big stage
10.) Play: we've risen to a higher level of existence, yet we've "descended" to what the kids know is enlightenment
11.) Celebrate: compare your own today to your own yesterday and revel in the progress
12.) Evaluate: measure how far you've come, forecast how far you'll go
13.) Elevate: now that we're at the top of the mountain, it's time to scale up

14.) Share: tell your story, inspire others, move along

These (online, virtual) summits will lead to an in-person, multi-day retreat in Bali, Indonesia in 2022.

Here's what others are saying